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Thomas Pennant


Taken from the site of Moses Griffith's Grave Memorial

The aims of the Thomas Pennant Society are as follows:-

  • To foster the memory of Thomas Pennant
  • To arrange a programme of events aimed at promoting his interests, here in ‘Pennant Country’.
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These are some of our activities:-

  • An annual Pennant Lecture (October).

  • Five leaflets to accompany circular walks in 'Pennant Country'. Also on website.

  • Annual visits to places mentioned by Pennant in his works (Spring Tour).

  • An Annual Dinner (Christmas).

  • A number of booklets and articles on Pennant's life and work have been published.

  • A Commemorative Service was held in Whitford Church in 1998, the bicentenary of Pennant's death. Pennant Exhibition Summer 1998).

  • In 2003 we were associated with erecting a memorial to Moses Griffith (Pennant's artist) at
    Trygarn, Sarn Mellteyrn, Llyn and in 2004 we erected a memorial to Pennant in Whitford, his home village.

  • 2009 Pennant Festival (Whitford Church) and in 2012. 

  • Talks to local Schools..

  • Links to Wales Centre for Advanced Welsh and Celtic Studies (Aberystwyth).

  • 2015 Silver Jubilee Cymdeithas Thomas Pennant.

  • Scheme for 'Pennant Country'



Provided by Norman Closs-Parry
Photos: Norman Closs-Parry


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