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Thomas Pennant



Chronology of Cymdeithas Thomas Pennant

1989 - 1990

Establishment of Grŵp Pennant Group, later Cymdeithas Thomas Pennant


Restoration of the grave of Moses Griffith (Pennant’s illustrator ) in the north wall of St Mary’s and St Beuno Church in Whitford.


October 14: Cymanfa Ganu held at the above church, part of the effort to collect the finances required for the above project.
Address given at this function by the late Prof. Bedwyr Lewis Jones (Prof. Welsh, Bangor University).
The address on Moses Griffiths later published in Y Faner ac Amserau Cymru.


February 14: Social Evening and talk by Dr Goronwy Wynne “Thomas Pennant and Gilbert White”.


June: The institution of the Pennant Walks / Teithiau Pennant in celebration of the bicentenary of his volume “The History of Whiteford and Holywell Parishes”.
Guest of honour: Meredith Edwards (Actor)


Thomas Pennant / Teithiau Pennant Logo competition. This was held throughout all the primary schools in Pennant Country. The winner was Emma Parry of Ysgol Merllyn, Bagillt.
200 waymarkers bearing the new logo were made and fixed on the five walks.


June: First Annual Pennant Lecture by Dr Paul Evans


Exhibition in Parys Mine Lodge in the Greenfield Heritage Park to celebrate the bi-centenary of the death of Thomas Pennant.
Guest of Honour To Institute Pennant Room and Exhibition: Rev Phillip Pennant (last true relative of Pennant line).

Lecture: Donald Moore (former keeper of pictures and maps, National Library, Aberystwyth)


December 16: a service of commemoration held at the Whitford Parish Church to celebrate Pennant’s life on the date of his death in 1798.
Address given by Dr R Paul Evans.

1999 - 2003

Annual Pennant Lectures; promotional work by the Society


June 28: Joint project with Cyfeillion Llŷn to witness unveiling a comemorative plaque to Moses Griffiths on the wall of Trygarn, Sarn Mellteyrn, Griffiths’ original home (Robyn Lewis-Jones, Archdruid of Wales present).


May 4th: Unveiling of Pennant Memorial Stone opposite East Lychgate of Whitford Church, by the late David Schwarz (Vice-president of the Cymdeithas).

2004 - 2008

Pennant Excursions and Tours –

  • Tour of Snowdonia

  • Tour of Borderland

  • Sycherth 2006

  • Maelor 2007

  • Gilbert White’s Selborne

  • Amgueddfa Werin Cymru

  • Lake District and Border Country


Conjoined effort with Whitford Parochial Church Council - “Pennant Festival” which included

  • Walks and talks with local schools

  • Concert

  • Evening slide talk

  • Cymanfa

Cadwyn Clwyd Grant Aided
This was featured on S4C Wedi 7 programme.


Grant from Cadwyn Clwyd:
Implementation of a Website about Cymdeithas Thomas Pennant
Revamping and updating of Pennant Walks


Click here to see a Record of Pennant Lectures 


Provided by Norman Closs-Parry
Photos: Norman Closs-Parry


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