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Welcome to Cymdeithas Thomas Pennant which was formed in 1989/90.

The founders, namely Paul Brighton, Norman Closs-Parry and Paul Evans, were three teachers who used to walk what they described as Thomas Pennant Country at least once, if not twice a year, especially during the summer vacation.

They decided to form a group which they called Grŵp Thomas Pennant Group to ‘save’ the gravestone of Moses Griffiths – Pennant’s servant and artist. The informal group developed ideas which were later to form the basis of a constitution – and the constitution when the Group became Cymdeithas Thomas Pennant Society in 2007.

The main objective of the group was to perputate (and enhance) the name and contribution of Thomas Pennant locally, and develop projects to establish that this area in Flintshire was to become known as
Pennant Country.

During the ensuing twenty years "from little acorns great oaks grow". The founder members and other enthusiasts have developed and diversified their input to achieve their original objectives. They now record them under various titles which include:


Provided by Norman Closs-Parry
Photos: Norman Closs-Parry

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